Pakistan Showbiz Actresses In Western Dresses

In these day and age due to extensive usage of social media, not a single thing is a secret anymore and each single day, the spectators and fans of all the Pakistani showbiz stars get an influx of photos, which gives them the idea of how their super stars and celebrities like to wear up. This has also put a lot of coercion on the stars and celebrities associated with the lighting showbiz industry, that’s why they continue to up their game and doing experimental changing with dress choices and personal styling proclivity.

1-Mahira Khan
Mahira is Pakistani superstar and few days ago Another dance video of Pakistani film industry star Mahira Khan has caused a stir on social media. Earlier, Mahira’s dance video with designer Hassan Shahriar Khan went viral.

According to the details, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan danced at her friend’s wedding, the video of which went viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that Mahira is seen dancing to the song.

2- Sajal Ali
Every beloved Pakistani actress Sajjal Ali will now appear in the music video of world famous singer Atif Aslam. The news has been circulating on social media since yesterday that Sajjal Ali will soon be the essence of his acting in Atif Aslam’s new music videow ill show.

3- Urva hocane
The video of actress and singer Urva Hussain singing in a beautiful voice with well-known actor and supermodel Imran Abbas has gone viral which is being well liked by the fans. A video has been shared in which she is seen sitting on the steps with Imran Abbas humming a beautiful song. Meanwhile, Imran Abbas is also seen singing with Urva Hussain and enjoying these moments. Video I can see that Urva Hussain is wearing a cream colored wedding dress while Imran Abbas is sitting on his lap for Sherwani. Looking at both of them, it can be guessed that these two artists are working together in a new project.

4- sahifa Jabbar khattak
You get paid to work in the kitchen on the set, while you love working in the kitchen at home.

This is to say of Pakistani model and actress Sahifa Jabbar Khattak who is playing the lead role in the drama serial ‘Betty’.

Speaking to the BBC’s Fifi Haroon, Sahifa said that her father had always thought that she would not be able to run her house properly after marriage because of her rebellious naturMan.

5-Hira Mani
Leading actress of Pakistan drama industry Hira Mani revealed in a message on social media who her best friend is Mani.

Actress Hira Mani has shared a photo of herself and actor Affan Waheed on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, in which both are standing and smiling at each other.

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