Iffat Omar Statement About Drama In Which She Was Enjoying


A video clip of the interview given by the party went viral, in which the actors were seen confessing to having an affair with other women despite being married.

After the video clip of Noman Ijaz went viral, he was heavily criticized and at the same time Iffat Omar was also criticized for refusing to admit that he had cheated on his wife by a married man. why not?

But now that a video clip of Iffat Omar himself has gone viral, he is being sharply criticized.

It so happened that Iffat Omar had interviewed the cast of the movie ‘Heer Man Ja’ in August 2019, a video clip of which he also shared on his Instagram account, which is now being shared again on social media criticizing the actress. Is being targeted. You May Also Visit..

The short video of the actress being shared is still available on the actress’ Instagram, in which she laughs and admits that she repeatedly retook a scene during the shooting of her first drama ‘Nangy Paon’ and gave it to Rahat Kazmi.

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