Celebrities Inspirational Tranformation and Weight Loss Pictures

There are many people who are constantly attempting to lose weight but have no idea where to begin. Many Pakistani celebrities have recently begun talking about their own weight loss journeys. The changes in these celebrities’ attitudes following their massive weight loss are obvious, leaving everyone wondering how they managed to drastically change their bodies.

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood is known for her confidence and straightforward style just as much as she is for her acting talent. When she joined the showbiz industry she weighed 96 kgs and right now she is a size zero and in her own words underweight for her height


Iqrar-ul-Hassan is one of those few media personalities who are not in mainstream showbiz but have managed to maintain a big fan base. In the past few years, Iqrar has lost a lot of weight which has changed his overall look.

Uroosa Siddiqui

Uroosa Siddiqui has recently been in the news often because of her amazing transformation. Just like some of the other celebrities on this list, Uroosa was happy with herself even when she was overweight.

Ahmed Ali Butt

Ahmed Ali Butt was always the overweight host and actor. He was never afraid of mocking his own weight and could clearly be termed as someone who was comfortable in his own skin even back then.

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