Shahood Alvi Most Beautiful Pictures With Daughters

Recently, Areeba Shahood stepped into the entertainment industry and gave her debut as a supporting role of Anya in Anaa. People loved and appreciated her performance on the screen and showed respect toward the new talent. People started to stalk on social media, and Areeba became an overnight star.

Everyone is waiting to see her more on their television screens. Areeba is following her father’s footsteps in professional life. Shahood Alvi is really close to all her daughters. He spends quality time with them, entertain them in any way possible, and respect their decisions. After Areeba, now Areeja is becoming the talk of the town. Her beautiful pictures went viral over the internet and we can’t take our eyes off her. Check out the latest pictures of Shahood Alvi with the gorgeous Areeja Shahood.

It is said that if the first is a daughter, then for the younger siblings, just like the second mother comes into the world .

It is also true because daughters naturally have a sense of responsibility and love. He also looks after the eldest daughters of his family with a lot of love and respect because he knows what a great mercy and blessing the first daughter is.

Areeba Alvi, daughter of Shahood Alvi
Actor Shahood Alvi has a treasure trove of blessings in his house and has three daughters. His eldest daughter Areeba Alvi also did an internship on Geo TV for a while and later became a part of the production.

People also knew how responsible and sensible Areeba is, so think about what her big sister would be like. Areeba also acted in a play but she also had pride or any kind of superiority No they are like a shield for their younger sisters and often explain to them the difference between good and evil.

Janat Saud’s daughter Janat

Jawariya Saud is very successful in every aspect and this is the situation in the training of her children. Her eldest daughter Jannat is not very big but for her younger brother she is a very sensible girl.

Responsibility is overwhelming and she often scolds her younger brother Ibrahim for things she doesn’t understand, she also recites the best Naat and the jury stays ahead of Saud and Saud in every matter.

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