Six Personalities Who Wish To See Their Lovers At Time Of Death person

The story of a person’s life is different from others, some are more oppressed, some are oppressed, some are called bad even after doing good, some go away from the world while cleaning the mud on themselves.

In this news of our webstie we will tell you about some such personalities.

Wahid Murad:

Waheed Murad was the only child of renowned film distributor Nisar Murad. Waheed Murad, the star of his father’s eye, had also made a home in the hearts of the fans.

When Waheed Murad was at the height of his career, everyone was singing Waheed’s praises. But when the same Waheed Murad went through difficult moments of life, the good ones left him.

Waheed Murad was frightened by the thought that every rise is a fall, he was so frightened that he had two accidents. Waheed had lost the charm and beauty of his face in an accident. In June 1983, his car hit a tree due to high speed and he sustained severe facial injuries. The scars on his face left a deep impression on him.

Waheed Murad was devastated by the loss of his face and accidents, he was so broken that he could not handle himself.

Due to this, the family also went away and his wife also left Waheed Murad and went to America while the film industry did not even ask Waheed Murad.

According to the BBC, two weeks before his death, Waheed Murad had openly stated in his old friend Anwar Maqsood’s program ‘Silver Jubilee’ that ‘if I don’t stay, something will happen to me or I will leave the world. So this song filmed on me will be a reflection of my life after death

Forgotten stories are a thing of the past

I have such a question which you could not understand.

Amir Liaquat Hussain:

The media played an important role in the life of famous anchor Amir Liaquat Hussain, thanks to which he emerged today as a host, religious figure and anchor. But the last few months of his life were so traumatic that he was betrayed by those he trusted.

Wife who made immoral videos, and then made accusations, after which Amir Liaquat Hussain fell in love. He was in such a state of mental anguish that he was cut off from society. Tears flowed from his eyes in the videos, but social media users also made memes about him, even saying that when I will not be there. I will feel the pain.

Even in the last days of Amir Liaquat Hussain, he used to remember the children, while praying for the children. It was also believed that your father has endured a lot.

junaid jamshaid;

Famous Naat singer Junaid Jamshed who was a former singer, when he walked in the path of Allah, his fame took another four months. Junaid Jamshed used to come regularly in Ramadan transmissions and gain popularity among the people.

But he was severely criticized on religious grounds, even apologizing with folded hands, but social media users continued to launch hate campaigns against him.

He even confessed to those who had hurt him so much on Mother’s Day. But they did not lose faith in God and patience until the last moment.

omer shraif:

Famous comedian Omar Sharif, by the way, knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face, but seeing his pain, even the fans and consumers were depressed.

Although her loved ones were close to her, she was deeply saddened by the death of her daughter. The daughter had died long before his death, but he had been depressed since. When he was undergoing treatment in the hospital, he used to ask his wife to call Maryam.

Omar Sharif’s fans said goodbye to him emotionally.

Sushant Singh:

Indian actor Sushant Singh was suffering from severe depression in the last few days. But often when you suddenly feel a big shock that you are not expecting or frustrated from all sides, you are mentally frustrated.

Something similar happened to Sushant. According to the media, Sushant was in the eyes of a certain class in the film industry, while according to his girlfriend Riya Chakraborty, Sushant had been suffering from mental anguish for many days.

News was also circulating on social media that Sushant Singh was depressed due to the relationship between Mahesh Bhatt and Rahiya Chakraborty while the news was that Sushant did not like Mahesh Bhatt.

Even at the last minute, Sushant seemed to have no idea what was going on in the world.

Lata Mangeshkar:

Lata Mangeshkar was known for her sarcastic voice but her fans were saddened by her death. An era was over, but at the last moment Lata Mangeshkar was not even recognized, weakness had made her look like this she will get survived.

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