Australia’s ‘penis starfish’ goes viral for resembling male genitalia… and it has already been nicknamed ‘Cocktopus’

Australia’s ‘penile starfish’ has gone viral due to its resemblance to male organs and has already been dubbed ‘cocktops’.
By Aidan Wondracz for Daily Mail Australia.

The ethnic look earned the nicknames ‘pornstar’ and ‘cocktops’
A species of starfish found in the tip of Australia is turning heads with its menacing appearance.

A photo of the strange echinoderms that closely resemble male genitalia was uploaded to Reddit where it has been seen – and commented on – by more than 44,300 people.

Starfish are seen resting on the sea floor and curling upwards, with social media users dubbing them ‘cocktops’ and ‘porn stars’.

Echinoderms have five arms and have eyebrow-raising, bulbous tips at each end.

A starfish with its menacing appearance is turning its head similar to the male genitalia

A starfish with its menacing appearance is turning its head similar to the male genitalia.

Social media users were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance of the male anatomy symbol.

The starfish is known as Coriaster granulatis and can grow up to about 27 cm.

Its rounded tips and plump appearance have inspired its other name as the ‘Ottaboy Starfish’.

Choriaster granulatus usually has pinkish color and brown papillae in the center.

This species is found in tropical waters worldwide, including East Africa, the Indo-Pacific region, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

The species typically feeds on algae, detritus, dead animals, coral polyps and small invertebrates.

They live in shallow water but can live as deep as 40 meters below sea level.

They are usually found resting around coral reefs or on rubble slopes.

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