Unbelievable Things Raining from the Sky

When it comes to rain from the sky, the first thing that comes to mind is precipitation such as rain, snow and hail. But even though it is hard to believe, unpredictably interesting objects have fallen from the sky. These events that scientists have difficulty in explaining; rains of snakes, rain of blood, jelly, fish, frogs are interesting rains.

Fish Rain

In India, big fish rains were experienced in 2010 July, 2015 June and October 2016 and aroused great interest all over the world. However, fish rains have been experienced in Central America for centuries. This event was seen as a gift from God, after a prayer for rain by London residents in 1008. Scientists, on the other hand, have some scientific ideas about such events happening around the world, but it is not known exactly how to explain animal rain events.

Snake Rain

It is said that there were snake rains in some periods in history. However, the most famous snake rain event is the mysterious snake rain that allegedly took place in America on January 15, 1877. When heavy rain started in the region in the afternoon, thousands of people argued that snakes fell from the sky with the rain. Indeed, the streets of Memphis are covered with snakes. However, people are divided into those who believe that snakes come from the sky and those who do not.

Streets, sidewalks, corners, everywhere are full of snakes. Although many observers and scientists have done research on the subject, they could not reach a definite conclusion about where the snakes came from. However, this is not the only snake rain event on record. A similar snake rain occurred in Kentucky in 1907, and on January 7, 1909, thousands of snakes were recorded in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Frog Rain

The most common of these kinds of events in America is the rain of frogs. It has been reported many times that flightless animals fell from the sky to the ground. One of the places where frog rains are most common is Japan. According to data obtained from the Japanese press, frogs falling from the sky were witnessed in many cities in 2009. A 55-year-old man from the city of Nanao stated that he was caught in a rain of frogs and could barely escape through the intense frog sounds. In another incident in the region, a man said that his car was covered with hundreds of dead frogs. Two days later, frog rain was seen in Hakusan city this time.

Scientific Explanation to Animal Rains
Scientists have not been able to provide a precise and clear explanation of how animal rains occur. However, many scientists stand on the same theory. According to this theory, violent storms and tornadoes lift land and sea creatures from their places and pull them into the sky. With the effect of the storm, animals are moved to distant areas and fall back to the earth here. However, animal rains are still not scientifically explainable, as scientists have not yet been able to definitively prove that this event happened in this way.

However, another question comes to mind; If these events are really due to a tornado and storm, why are only certain fish and frogs observed? It is still unknown why only certain species are associated with the rains, while other species must have been involved in the rain.

rain of blood

In 2001, the residents of Kerala, India were shocked when they encountered the red rains, and they called these rains “blood rain”. The pouring rain wasn’t just red; Eyewitnesses said that green, yellow and black rains were also observed. However, in the images reflected in the photos and videos, it was seen that the rains were generally in red color.

Initially, no one had any idea about the cause of the red rain. Initially, it was thought that it might be caused by an exploding asteroid. However, as a result of long research, it was concentrated on the theory that it could be plant spores that cause red rain. However, it was determined that the pollen was not in the atmosphere in sufficient quantity to cause colored rains.

After a long period of 15 years, scientists finally managed to solve the mystery of red rain. The reason for this interesting rain was a tree named Trend papoulia. The trend papoulia tree is a plant species commonly found in India. When the spores of these trees begin to burst and spread into the atmosphere in humid weather conditions, red rain occurs.

Sick Jelly Rain

The jelly rain that took place in Oakville, Washington state in 1994 is also a very mysterious event. On August 7, 1994, after a rain, a translucent and jelly-like substance fell. This item covered an area of ​​30 square kilometers. People who were nearby experienced severe flu-like symptoms. Also, some animals that came into contact with raindrops died. A man named Barkley collected the jelly-like substance, stored it in the freezer, and later took it to a private research lab. Microbiologists stumbled upon human white blood cells in the substance.

The origin of this interesting rain is still unclear and various theories have been proposed. One theory is that jellyfish particles may be scattered in the clouds, but this has yet to be proven. Although jellyfish festivals were held after the incident, the cause of the rain still remains unsolved.

Cow Falling From The Sky

While a sailor boat was sailing in Japan, the boat sank as a result of a cow falling from the sky. Initially, it was thought that the man lied to get money from the insurance company. But after a few weeks, the truth emerged. A Russian plane crashed into a nerd man’s boat when the cargo door opened while smuggling cows.

Spider Rain

Spider rain, a fairly common occurrence in Australia, is extremely disturbing. This time, however, the spiders move of their own accord. When faced with extreme weather conditions, millions of spiders soar to high altitudes and cast their webs en masse into the sky to change territory. Millions of spiders, rising to the sky with the effect of the wind, are dragged to another city many kilometers away and descend to the ground. Among those who see this event due to the white color of the nets in the sky, there are even those who think that it has started to snow.

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